SINTRAC was  incorporated in 1987 in Cairo Egypt. The purpose of SINTRAC is to provide commercial agency representation for foreign companies interested in doing business in the Middle East. The company deals directly with large Government owned Manufacturing Companies within various Industry Sectors. SINTRAC Egypt is exclusive agent for:

Decoufle S.A.R.L - France,

Rhodia Acetow Gmbh - Germany,

Wm. R. Stewart & Sons (Hackle makers) Ltd. - Scotland,

Iggesund Paperboard AB - Sweden.

The company, on behalf of Foreign Manufactures, handles all responses to call for tenders for the supply of machinery, spare parts and production materials within the Tobacco industry sector. In addition to response to call for tenders, SINTRAC continuously calls on the clients to introduce them to new products and services developed by the Foreign Manufacturers. SINTRAC further handles all necessary product literature translation, product certification to national standards, letters of credit from the clients, customs clearance and liaison between the client and the Foreign Manufacturer.

SINTRAC head offices are located in central Cairo, while its 3000 m2 of warehouses are situated in Giza, just 2 km outside Cairo near the Pyramids.